Superior Uji Matcha 100g

Superior Uji Matcha 100g
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  • Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan
  • Certified halal
  • Package : 100g resealable pouch
  • 100% pure matcha green tea powder
  • Strong flavour, suitable for baking, cooking, dessert and sweet drinks

Our matcha are all produced with high quality Tencha tea leaf in Japan, 100% pure matcha powder without additive or colouring.

This Superior Uji matcha is produced in Uji, Kyoto, the most popular region in the world that produce the best matcha. This Uji matcha is categorized under culinary grade because it has strong matcha flavour, make it a good choice for baking, cooking and also making sweet drinks such as matcha latte.


Does this matcha suitable for making ice-cream or dessert?

Yes, this matcha has strong matcha taste, make it suitable for culinary.


Can I use this for matcha tea ceremony?

This matcha has strong flavour, when make into matcha thin tea or thick tea, the flavour may be little bitter for most of the people, we recommend you purchase out premium grade if you want to make matcha tea.


What grade is this matcha?

Normally matcha are categorized into ceremonial grade, classic premium grade and culinary grade. This matcha is culinary grade because it has low umami and stronger bitterness.


Culinary grade has same health benefits?

Yes, culinary grade has very similar nutrition profile, but lower L-theanine which is the source of sweetness and element helps in concentration. In term of anti-oxidants and other nutrition, they are similar to each other.

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