Classic Grade Daily Matcha

Classic Grade Daily Matcha
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  • Origin : Nishio, Japan
  • Package : 30g resealable pouch
  • 100% matcha powder, no additive
  • Suitable for making matcha tea, matcha latte and other beverages

Our classic grade matcha is a perfect candidate for everyday matcha tea, it has low bitterness and higher umami sweetness, make it a good choice for making sugarless tea. 

Many customers has misconception that matcha is bitter, that is because they've tasted a very low grade matcha before, good matcha is not bitter and very smooth when drink as tea. Classic matcha not only suitable for making tea, it's also good for making matcha beverages such as matcha latte, matcha smoothies etc. Beverages made from classic grade matcha is even better than culinary grade.

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