Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea
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  • Origin : Taiwan
  • Package Size : 50g (25 servings)

Oriental Beauty (DongFang MeiRen) Oolong Tea origins from Taiwan. Its name came from British Queen Victoria, after she tasted the tea brought back from Taiwan by British businessman. Oriental Beauty Tea also called "White Tip Oolong" because of its obvious white colour tea tips. Some call it "Champagne Oolong" because of its fragrance aroma.

Oriental Beauty Oolong tea trees are grown in natural organic fertilized soil, without pesticides to encourage green leafhopper feed on the leaves. Green leafhopper suck the phloem juices from the tea trees to produce unique flavour of Oriental Beauty Tea.

Oriental Beauty has fruity and natural sweet aroma.


  • Detox
  • Fat loss and anti-aging
  • Refreshing

Brewing Instruction for Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

Pick a cup which has good heat conductivity (ceramic is ideal), brew with 80-90C water.

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