Fuji Green Tea Premium Sencha Pyramid Tea Bag

Fuji Green Tea Premium Sencha Pyramid Tea Bag
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Premium Teabag for Restaurants and Cafe

  • Packing : 2.5g x 10 teabags (Individual packed)
  • Origin : Fuji Shizuoka, Japan

If you are frequent tea drinker, you should know that only high quality tea are used in pyramid tea bag. This tea bag are packed with high grade first flush Fuji green tea leaf that has good refreshing taste, it's different from the normal tea bags that you can get from supermarket.

‚ÄčThis pyramid teabag is a great candidate for high end cafe and restaurants use, as well as hotel and business, It has good refreshing Sencha taste. The Sencha inside the teabag is produced from high quality Sencha in Shizuoka, Japan.

This Pyramid teabag is design for tea cup usage, the size is just nice when put into the tea cup.

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