Dried Lemon Slice

Dried Lemon Slice
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Daily Natural Body Cleanser

  • Natural dried lemon slice
  • Package : 50g

Probably lemon is one of the most famous healthy food in this region. There are many health related website or news recommending lemon because of the benefits it gives.

Not only it has tasty refreshing flavor, It's a good habit to drink a glass of hot sugarless lemonade every morning to kick start your digestion process and build up your body resistance to diseases.

Below are the health benefits that lemon offers:

  • Body Cleanser : Lemon help remove unwanted chemical toxic contents in our body
  • Aids digestion : Lemon encourage the body to release more enzymes to boost our digestion
  • Immune system : Lemon is high in Vitamin-C
  • Balance body Ph : Lemon is one of the most alkaline food, it helps balance our body Ph level
  • Prevent cancer : Cancer cells love acidic body, the alkaline in lemon helps our body resist againts cancer cells
  • Improve health of our eyes
  • Help fight cold
  • Weight loss
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