Deep Steamed Premium Sencha

Deep Steamed Premium Sencha
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Enhanced Version of Sencha

  • Origin : Japan
  • Packaging : 100g (3.5oz), around45 - 50 servings

Sencha is known for its popularity in Japanese tea market. Although most of green tea drinkers love Sencha, some may still find it too astringent. Therefore, deep-steamed process is introduced to reduce the astringency of Sencha.

All green teas need to go through the steaming process, but deep-steamed green tea leaves are steamed for few minutes longer. The advantage is lower astringency, but the disadvantage of this process is tea leaves become softer and the tips often broken during the rolling process. Therefore, deep-steamed green tea may look like low quality tea from the outlook, but actually it's high end grade green tea.

Not all Sencha are suitable for deep steamed, only premium quality used for this deep steamed product. Premium Sencha come only from high quality tea leaves, which hand-picked during early spring, then immediately deep steamed and processed. This process results in and slightly sweet taste.

We have deep-steamed Kabusecha in our store too.

Brewing Instruction:

Japanese green tea brewing instruction

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