Chinese Sencha Pyramid Teabag

Chinese Sencha Pyramid Teabag
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  • Origin : China,
  • Package Size : 15x 3g

Chinese Sencha is similar to Japanese Sencha, both have similar steaming processing method. Due to the geographical and weather different, the taste is also different betweem Chinese and Japanese Sencha. 

Japanese Sencha has a refreshing astringency taste that come from Catechins, while Chinese Sencha has more taste of the overall tea leaf, some may find it little bit grassy taste, but definitely good choice for tea drinker.

Chinese Sencha, other than it has similar health benefits as Japanese Sencha, Chinese Sencha also has lower cost due to lower production cost in China. 

We use tea leaf in our pyramid teabag, not tea dust (most of the teabag in the market use tea dust).


Brewing Instruction:

Each tea bag brew in 150ml hot water, steep for 2 minutes.

4 ( 4 / 5 )
Compare to japanese sencha, I feel this sencha is more astringent. still i think its quite good. and price is quite cheap too, full tea leaf in tea bag, that is very rare, normally i get only powder in tea bag.

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