Black Tea

Black tea is a fully-fermented tea (heavily oxidized), black tea in general has stronger flavour as compare to green tea and Oolong tea. It's also from the tea plan Camellia Sinensis.

In general, Black teas are processed in either CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) or orthodox way. CTC is more efficient in producing lower quality tea leaves and most commonly used in tea bags.

Orthodox method in general is used to process high quality teas, and the grading system is different between orthodox and CTC.

Black teas, similar to other tea products, provide great health benefits, read about Black Tea Health Benefits and Black Tea Grading System.

Our Black Tea

  • Select from good quality tea product from well-known black tea prodution regions.
  • 100% Natural
  • Dirert from farm, therefore lower price for same quality tea leaf


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Black Tea From DimbulaOrigin : Dimbula, Sri Lanka Package Size : 50g (around 15-20 servings..
Good Tea From Best Known Sri Lanka DistrictOrigin : Nuruwa Eliya, Sri Lanka Package Size : ..
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Black Tea For Afternoon TeaPackage Size : 50g (15-25 servings) Additional Processing :..