Teabag For Company Office or Factory Use

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Are you looking for teabag product for your company office use? Below are some of our suggestions:


What tea is suitable for office use?

We recommend Japanese green tea.


Japanese Green tea is well-known for its health benefits (anti-oxidants, cancer prevention), and is widely accepted in our country thanks to many Japanese food chains promoting green teas. Most of the Japanese food stores serve genmaicha and houjicha, due to its low in caffeine and less astringent taste, as well as lower price range.


Black tea, is widely accepted too just like green tea. But some people may not like black tea due to the strong taste (tannins) of black tea. Black tea on the other hand has higher caffeine as compare to houjicha or genmaicha, and it may not suitable for those who has caffeine allergy. Besides, black tea in general is higher cost.


Fruit tea and flower tea are the most expensive among 3 tea families, which mean not cost effective, and fruit tea sweetness may attract rats and ants if people in office leave the tea on desk for overnight. Besides, fruit tea has much shorter expiry date. Not like green tea, it has only "best before" date, but not "expired" date, which mean you still can drink it after "best before" date but the taste may not be as good.


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If you think green tea is good for your company office use, below are some our Japanese green tea products:


For high end business use:

  • Pyramid Sencha Teabag (with/without matcha) - Sencha is suitable for tea drinker, sencha has a refreshing astringency. The pyramid shape teabag improve the water flow into the teabag and produce better taste just like loose leaf tea. Matcha provide lots of health benefits and it has slight sweetness to balance the astringency from Sencha.
  • Pyramid Genmaicha with Matcha - Genmaicha is widely accepted, it has roasted brown rice flavor, mixed with Sencha and matcha; provide a tasty and healthy cup of tea. Pyramid teabag help improve the taste too.

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For normal office or factory (cheaper option):

  • Sencha square teabag - Use quality Sencha from Shizuoka Japan, great taste with lower complexity.
  • Houjicha square teabag - Roasted flavor and low caffeine, good for all-day drink.
  • Genmaicha or Sencha for Sushi restaurant - Teabag which is multiple times lower cost compare to the rest, only available for wholesale, contact us at contact@dawnstea.com for more information.


If you need black tea, fruit tea or chinese tea teabags, contact us to make order. It's only available for wholesale as of now.

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