Tea - The Ultimate All Weather Drink

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There is nothing quite like a cold drink to quench that thirst, especially when the mercury levels are high. A little known fact is that a hot cup of tea actually cools you down way sooner than a cold beer or any other beverage for that matter. When you drink a hot cup of tea, the systemic mechanisms in the body cools down the system. The receptors or sensors on the tongue react to the heat causing you to sweat. The sweat evaporates in a bit, cools down the system and that is when the hot cup of good tea comes into play!


If it does not work for you, have a glass of cold tea – whatever works to get you out of that sweaty feeling. When things get too hot to handle, a sip of something amazing will iron out the restlessness of lousy weather.


Monsoons get you down – reach out for a cup of tea


In the rainy season, like so with the winter, a hot cup of tea does the trick for everyone. The sky is the limit with myriad flavors from popular brands available in the market. For instance, if you want to calm your nerves, a dash of cinnamon in your morning cuppa will make all the difference or even a flavor that comes with the infusion. If you are down with the sniffles because of the cold winter or a crazy monsoon, there is nothing like a hot cup of ginger infused tea.


As the ultimate, all-weather drink, tea has stood the test of time globally. There are more lovers of the beverage today than there ever were over a decade ago. The reason being that coffee though it has an amazing pick me up tone, has large amounts of caffeine. It gives you the zing you deserve but after a while, you can end up wanting more. Tea on the other hand is not as addictive and tones down moods even if you are under the weather!


Enjoy a cup of fresh green tea


Advertising across the board about the wonder in a cup of green tea has been doing the rounds. People are slowly shifting gears in this direction with the light infusion in any flavor of the green wonder. Winter is that time when practically everyone wants to nibble more and invariably the weight piles on faster than the speed of light.


A cup of green tea in the cold months is soothing to the throat and actually helps people keep their weight in check. Imagine having a tea latte – sounds promising yeah? Froth things up a bit with a dash of hot water, a tea bag and sugar and spice things up a bit while ignoring the smell of java! Nothing can get better than this in any weather! Many hard-core boozers who enjoy a glass of something strong have slowly changed direction - tea does not sap energy. You can get a good night’s rest no matter what the mood or the weather with the right dose of hot tea, a dash of honey and cardamom as flavoring.  

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