Matcha : High Quality vs Low Quality

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There are many different matcha green tea brands in the market, how do you know the matcha you purchase is a high quality one?


Here we show you a few easy way to figure that out:


1: Matcha color

The easiest way to check for matcha quality is by checking the matcha color. High quality matcha has a vibrant green color, while lower grade has browish color.


2. Taste

The taste of high grade matcha is no or low in bitterness, low grade matcha has very high bitterness which only suitable for baking, not for drinking


3. Aroma

High quality matcha has a very good mellow aroma, which low grade has a grass-like aroma.


4. Fineness

High quality matcha is ground by stone-mill. Therefore high quality matcha is very fine.


5. Origin

Matcha in the market normally come from Japan, China and Korea. The best matcha are still come from Japan, the taste of Japan matcha is very much better compare to matcha from other countries.


In Dawnstea, we sell matcha from Japan.

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22/07/2017, 10:43:07 PM

Do you sell genmaicha ? I am looking for good quality genmaicha .

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