The Benefits of Matcha

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One cup of fine Matcha tea has more nutrition than 10 cups of normal green teaWhy such as huge different? It's because when you drink green tea, you consume only very tiny little part from the tea which extracted out during infusion, the tea leveas are being thrown away afterward. 


Matcha basically is the powder form of green tea leaves that diffuse into water. When you drink Matcha tea, you literally consuming the whole tea leave. That mean you receive 100% of the nutrients in the tea leaves.


Table below shows summary of Nutrient in 1g of Matcha

NutrientPer 1g Matcha
Total Catechins105 mg
EGCg61 mg
Total Amino Acids34 mg
L-theanine14 mg
Caffeine35 mg
Fiber318 mg
Carbohydrate447 mg
Vitamin C2 mg
Vitamin A3 mg
Potassium27 mg
Calories3 Kcal


Now we know Matcha is rich in nutrition, but what benefit it has? Below are few main health benefits we can get by drinking Matcha.

1. Anti-oxidants 

Amongst all the health benefits, the most popular is Matcha is very high in anti-oxidants.

Compare to other so-called "Super-food", Matcha has significantly higher anti-oxidants. Please refer to the diagram below:

Antioxidants of Japanese Matcha

Matcha anti-oxidants level as compare to other foods:

Food 1gAnti-oxidants in 1g Matcha
Gojiberries5.5 times
Dark Chocolate6.1 times
Pecans7.7 times
Walnuts10.25 times
Pomegranate13.2 times
Wild Blueberries14.9 times
Acai Berries25.1 times
Broccoli44.6 times
Spinach53.2 times


Anti-oxidants are the army of your body, it help body to fight diseases and aging. In other words, the more anti-oxidant you have, the better your body's ability to fight diseases or  infections.

Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world, it's partly contributed by the fact that Japanese like green teas and Matcha.

2. Prevent Cancer

Matcha has significant amount of EGCg(epigallocatechin gallate) Catechins. EGCg hunts for harmful free radical in our body and destroy it. EGCg is very important element in fighting cancer but  unfortunately not many food has it. EGCg is known for its carcino-preventive attribute which can counter the development of cancer. 

1 cup of Matcha tea has close to 130 times higher EGCg catechins as compare to normal green tea.


3. Fiber

Matcha contains lot of dietery fiber which can be easily absorbed by our body, and help in stabilize our blood sugar level.


4. Relaxation

L-Theanine in Matcha is an amino-acid that promote relaxation. L-Theanine in Matcha is multiple times higher as compare to other teas.


5. Detox

As discussed in one of our article, Matcha actually made from Tencha, which is one of the shade-grown tea like Gyokuro. Shade-grown tea leaves are specifically rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll in our body acts as cleaner to sweep out the chemical and heavy metal elements in our body.


6. Weight Loss and body building

Study showns that Matcha can boost calories burning rate up to 10%. During excercise, Matcha helps burning up to 20% higher calories.


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