Japanese Green Tea Buying Guide

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From one of our blog post "Type of Japanese Green Tea", we understand that there are many types of Japanese green tea, this post is trying to help our customer to pick green tea that suitable for them.


For green tea beginner

Genmaicha is good for green tea beginner, because it has lower astrigency and more fragrance roasted aroma and flavor. This is also one of the reason many Japanese restaurant use Genmaicha to serve their customer.


Green tea frequent drinker

Sencha is good for daily green tea serving. Sencha has good refreshing astrigency, and lower cost compare to Gyokuro. In fact, almost 80% of green tea produced in Japan is Sencha.


Low caffeine green tea

Houjicha has low caffeine. Because of the roasting process reduce the astringency and caffeine, Houjicha is suitable for drinking even at evening.


For high-end green tea drinker

Gyokuro is the finest Japanese green tea. Because of it shade-grown process, it contains the highest amount of umami sweetness and lowest astringency. But the cost of complicated growing process also reflected in its price tag.


Upgrade from Sencha

Kabusecha is a good choice. Kabusecha is shade-grown similar to Gyokuro, but only half the duration of Gyokuro. But because of this is has higher umami and lower astrigency as compared to Sencha.

Deep-steamed Sencha is also a good upgrade from Sencha. It has lower astrigency, price is lower than Kabusecha too.



Matcha is a good choice, since it's in powder form, and has high umami.

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