Improve Your Concentration by Drinking Tea

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Are you a compulsive tea drinker? Does the flavour of a nice cup of Darjeeling tea take you down the memory lane? If the answer to the above two questions is a yes, then you have got enough reasons to rejoice. Tea has been shown to portray unique health benefits that are hardly found in any of the other beverages.


Repeated scientific tests have established the obvious connection between drinking tea and improved brain performances. Tea significantly improves your capacity to concentrate. Actually, tea has been used for its medicinal purposes in many of the oriental countries for a fairly long time. After all, it is much better to take recourse to a natural product like tea to improve concentration than to use medicinal supplements.


Studies in favor of tea

Recent studies have found out that black and green tea prevent the action of a few enzymes that are associated with human memory. According to a report published in Phytotherapy Research, a renowned academic journal, black and green tea have the capacity to inhibit the harmful effects of certain enzymes that are instrumental in the development of the deadly Alzheimer’s Disease.


The enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is responsible for the disintegration of acetycholine, a necessary neurotransmitter. The impact of this enzyme is neutralised by the chemical constituents of black and green tea. Another enzyme butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) has been generally discovered in the brain protein deposits of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Green and black tea plays an active role in stopping the impact of this enzyme as well. The same study, conducted by a group of scientists from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, additionally found out the added benefits of green tea. While the impact of green tea on the above enzymes lasted for a week, the impact of black tea lasted only for a day or so.


A cup of tea for every ocassion

While you are busy preparing for your examinations, a cup of green or black tea plays a big role in making your concentrate harder on the subject. The beneficial anti-oxidant properties of green tea have now been established beyond all doubt.


It is also important to prepare tea just the right way so that you could harness its concentration benefit to the fullest possible extent. A green tea with a bit of ginger could be simply cathartic. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate while preparing a career-changing PowerPoint presentation, a cup of strong black tea or green tea could be just the thing you require.


More studies have found out that the performance of students have improved immensely when they have used green tea while preparing for their examination papers. Additionally, there is an apparent change in mood thereby leading to a substantial hike in concentration.


Notwithstanding, it is important to remember that tea alone can’t cure you of your concentration enigma as it is caused by a multitude of factors including stress, insomnia and the likes. So, make sure that those problems are sorted before you can expect tea to play the doctor.

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