How to Brew Japanese Green Tea

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Japanese green tea is well-known for its tasty and refreshing flavour. But most of the Japanese green tea drinker do not brew green tea correctly. Brewing method is critical in bringing out the best taste of any tea, especailly the finest tea.


There are 4 important aspects that we need to take note when brewing green tea

  • Amount of water
  • Amount of tea leaf
  • Water temperature
  • Brewing time



For different green tea, there might be slight different in term of temperature, brewing time etc. But these 4 important aspects are always there.

Table below summarize the differences among Japanese green teas in term of these 4 aspects

TeaWater AmountTea Leaf AmountWater TempBrewing Time
Gyokuro60ml3g60C3 min
Sencha60ml3g80C2 min
Genmaicha60ml3g80C1 min
Houjicha60ml3g90C30 sec


Brewing instruction:

1. Pour boiling water into a small cup, cool it down to the desire temperature (ex: 60C for Gyokuro)


2. Put tea leaves into tea pot, about 3g per person


3. Pour hot water into the teapot and wait for sometime. The waiting time is depend on the kind of japanese green tea. (ex: 30 sec for Houjicha)


4. Pour the tea from tea pot into the tea cup. 


5. Enjoy

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