Green Tea Benefit

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Japanese is one of the race who has the longest lifespan in the world. It mostly has to do with their daily food intake. Traditional Japanese drink 5-8 cups of green tea daily.


Green tea is very minimally post procecced as compare to other teas, therefore green tea leave still retain most of the mineral and phytochemical. One of them is Catechin which contains EGCG, ECG, EGC and EC.


Catechin widely known as Green Tea Extract, it main benefit is anti-oxidatant and anti-aging. Its anti-oxidant is far better as compare to Vitamin C, glutathione. Green tea extract also has benefit in reducing free radical, reduce LDL cholesterol and reducing cancer risk.

Other than the above mentioned benefits, one of the most popular benefit green tea provide is fat loss. Green tea is able to increase the metabolism rate of our body, it makes our body burn calories faster than normal rate. Green tea is the safest food for fat loss.


Below is the list of some famous health advantage of drinking green teas

  • Prevent Cancer - Research from National Institutes of Health shows that green tea extracts decrease the rate of breast cancer cell grow and lower the carcinogen-induced mammary tumor burden. 
  • Anti-diabetic - In a study by Amala Cancer Research Centre, India, shows that green tea polyphenols increased glucose tolerance significantly
  • Prevent Obesity - EGCG found in green tea has antiobesity and antidiabetic effects
  • Anti-Oxidants - Green tea has high level of anti-oxidants. Study shows that anti-oxidants are compounds that protect cell damaged from free radical. Catechins in green tea plays an important role by contributing anti-oxidant vitamins and enzymes to our immune system. 
  • Fat Loss - Caffeine found in green tea increase our body metabolism. It helps us burn more calories and achieve fat loss.
  • Skin Care - Anti-oxidant helps anti-aging.
  • Improve Immune System - Catechins are very good antibacterial compound. It helps prevent spreading of many diseases.
  • Anti-depression - Studies show that L-theanine found in green tea helps promote relaxing and good mood, which helps in fighting depression.
  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's - Green tea prevent the damage of brain cells.
  • Reduce LDL Bad Cholesterol


Green Tea Benefits


For those who wants to drink green tea but hate the tea brewing process, matcha may be the better choice. Matcha has ton of health benefits as well. Read about matcha benefits


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