Why You Should Pick Up The Tea Cup And Avoid Coffee

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Try telling a coffee lover that he has to give up his/her favorite beverage and watch him/her scowl and crib. However, tell a tea lover to put aside his/her cup of tea and he/she is likely to react more calmly. That's the kind of impact tea has on you!

Studies have shown that tea is extremely beneficial for health. Here are some basic facts that actually work and will make you rethink before ordering a coffee!


The truth about tea


  • Women over the age of 40 may have limited calcium intake, so osteoarthritis can take over causing damage to the bones. A cup of black or even green tea a day improves the density of the bone marrow in women.

  • Tea calms the nerves by reduces high levels of stress resulting in hypertension and other health related conditions. The point here is to have your regular dose of tea, but cut back on the sugar.

  • People lose their teeth because of a lackadaisical attitude to clean their teeth and bad oral hygiene. A cup or two of green tea a day can improve the gums, bones and the pearly whites.

  • Making tea is simple – once you get the hang of using a tea bag (anyone can do this), you are good to go. Coffee on the other hand requires brewing i.e. if you want a good cup of freshly brewed coffee beans, you have to follow a certain procedure accurately.

  • Tea has considerable amounts of antioxidants in every bag or brew and gives you that wonderful feeling of being happy most of the times!

  • The immune system is strengthened with tea as compared to cups of coffee. If you want the body to work and feel good about things, you are on the right track by shifting over to the cool (read haute) beverage.

  • If you are lactose intolerant switch over to black tea. It gives you the pep that you need and reduces the onslaught of diabetes.

  • When you think of improving the digestive tract, tea does it for you, and more so does black or even green tea. A tummy upset is cured with the home remedy of black tea and toast, nothing beats that on condition that you refrain from popping those goodies.


A fist bump for a cuppa tea!


Guests are hardly invited for high tea - the concept of high coffee does not factor. You have it, tea as a whole has much better benefits than coffee and while it is nice to indulge in a cup of java occasionally, tea gets the high-fives for sure. Lemon tea is goodness personified because of the zing of citrus coupled with the natural taste of chai! To put it mildly, anyone desirous of having a good life without the hiccups of constant health scares needs to make the switch soon.




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