The Many Benefits of Black Tea

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Of all the drinking habits, consuming tea is perhaps the only habit which actually betters your health. Both black tea and green tea are plucked from the same shrub, but the processing methods followed afterward are different.


Black tea must be had without the addition of any other materials like sugar or milk. Its benefits are best felt when the concocted liquid is drunk in isolation.


Oral health:

Research conducted by tea trade bodies have concluded that consumption of black tea reduces the formation of plaque. It also limits the growth of bacteria which promote tooth decay and cavity formation. The polyphenols in the black tea kill and overwhelm the bacteria responsible for causing cavities. It also limits bacterial enzyme growth responsible for binding the plaque to teeth.


Better heart:

It is seen that individuals consuming three or more cup of tea enjoy 21 percent lower-risk of stroke occurrence compared to people who drink one cup of black tea or none at all every day.



Polyphenols are found in black tea. These are antioxidants which assist to block the DNA damage linked with tobacco and other toxic chemicals. Such antioxidants are much different from those extracted from vegetables and fruits. They can offer a lot of extra benefits to make a healthy lifestyle.


Prevention of cancer:

Preliminary research has suggested that antioxidants like catechins and polyphenol found in black tea could assist to prevent different kinds of cancer. Women who consume black tea on a regular basis have lower chance of being afflicted by ovarian cancer compared to their non-black tea drinking counterparts.


Lower risk of arthritis:

It is a conjecture that those who drink black tea regularly could have stronger bones- and thus a much reduced possibility of suffering from arthritis due to phytochemicals present in tea.


Lower risk of diabetes:

Research has shown that the consumption of black tea for the long term on moderate level (coming to two cups every day) has the benefit of 70 percent reduced chance of developing or suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Relief from stress:

This is the most advertised positive effects of consuming black tea. It helps you to unwind after a hectic day as the L-theanine amino acid present in black tea could assist you to concentrate better and helps you to relax. It also reduces cortisol levels- the stress hormone, when drunk regularly and in moderate amounts.


Immune system gets much better:

The alkylamine antigens present in black tea helps to boost the immune response. The tannins present gives you the ability to combat viruses, thus protecting you from stomach flu and influenza among a number of other viruses found in everyday lives.


More energy:

The low amounts of caffeine in contrast to other drinks rich in the compound assists to enhance the blood flow to brain sans the over-stimulation of heart. It stimulates the respiratory system and metabolism as well. The kidneys and heart are also benefited.


The drinking of black tea is found to bring happiness. There is no greater reason than that to reach for a cup of this delicious drink.


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