Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

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Black tea is one of the most popular tea in the world. Other than the great taste, black tea has many benefits that not many are aware of.


Below are some of the benefits:

1. Metabolism 

Like most of the teas, black tea has good amount of caffeine. But that amount is not as high as other food that will cause any harm. The caffeine in black tea can actually increase your body metabolism, and improve the blood flow.

2. Boost Immune System

Black tea contains tannins which help fight virus and keep us away from flu.

3. Relaxation and Concentration

Just like green tea, black tea contains L-theanine which is a stress reliever and help us in concentration.

4. Healthy teeth and bones

Black tea contains polyphenol and mineral that improve our teeth and bones strength. Polyphenol kills the bacterials in our teeth cavity.

5. Anti-oxidants

Black tea contains anti-oxidants which is very important in anti-aging. Anti-oxidants also play an important role in our immune system, it help fight viruses and prevent flu.

6. Cancer prevention

Researches showed that Polyphenol and Catechins in black tea can help to prevent certain type of cancers.
We've listed down some of the benefits, there are still many benefits we do not list down. Start drinking tea today for a healthier lifestyle.
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