Advantages of Pyramid Tea Bag

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Pyramid tea bag has few advantages as compared to traditional tea bags:

  • Traditional tea bag has limited space inside. In order to brew properly, tea leaves has to move around inside the tea bag, therefore it's not suitable to put whole tea leave inside traditional tea bag. Pyramid tea bag has increase the space inside the tea bag, allow the leaves to move around easily in the tea bag. Therefore higher quality and larger tea leaves can be inserted into pyramid tea bag.
  • Pyramid tea bag are made from nylon strand into a fishnet-like mesh, creating larger hole which allow water to come in easilty in contact with more surface of tea leaves.
  • The Pyramid tea bag basically duplicate what happen in a teapot infuser with loose tea leaves. So we don't have to go through the messy process in brewing loose tea leaves.

Pyramid tea bag not only has the advantages of what traditional tea bags has, it also gives you the tea quality what loose tea leave can provide.

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