About Assam Black Tea

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Assam tea is black tea grown and produced in Assam, India. Because of the unique slope and weather in Assam, teas grown in Assam region has a special aroma which make it a world class tea products.


Assam is an Indian state located at the north of India. Not as hot like other places in India, Assam average temperature is around 15-18C. Other than temperature, its wide hill slope and minimum rain fall before raining season make it a largest tea farm in India.


During the 18th century, British tried to transplant Chinese tea plant from china to India, but due to several reasons, tea plants were not able to adapt to the weather and died. Fortunately, Indian found wild tea plants in Assam region. With the helps from British, Assam become one of the largest tea farm in India.


Nowadays, Assam tea farm stretches across 20 acres, and producing 500 000 tons tea leaves every year (30% of India tea production). The famous Kaziranga Park is located inside Assam region, and the rhino in the park has become the logo/sign of Assam tea.


Assam Tea logo


There are 2 ways of Assam tea processing, orthodox and CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl). Orthodox processed black teas are less bitter, and has subtle and multi-layered falvors. CTC processed teas are in general to be bitter and lower quality as compared to orthodox processed teas. Orthodox processed black teas are following the Orange Pekoe System, while CTC processed teas are using a different system.


Due to the stronger taste of CTC processed black teas, it's more suitable for making milk tea. While orthodox processed black tea is mainly used as fine tea products.






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